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Thank you for coming to the 4th Annual BREAA Gala: The Golden Era of Downtown!

October 23, 2023 3:16 PM | Krysta Patterson (Administrator)

Thank you for coming to the 4th Annual BREAA Gala:
The Golden Era of Downtown!

Thank you one and all for coming to this year's BREAA gala honoring Carol Galante and celebrating the Golden Age of San Francisco! As you can see in the photo above, the room was glowing with warmth and excitement as everyone caught up amid the glamorous art deco environs of the City Club!

Thank you to our amazing speakers-- Paul Smith, Rick Holliday, Ben Metcalf, and Carol herself, who shared her wisdom with fire! I don't think a single woman in the room will soon forget her advice/exhortation to GO FOR the job that intimidates you because, unlike women, men get hired for their potential rather than their past achievements "all the [redacted] time!" Her amazing presence and her vision for a new San Francisco left this correspondent, at least, in awe. 

Thank you to our sponsors, without whom this event would have never been possible. It's such a privilege to gather together in such a beautiful space and make time for each other over dinner and a drink, and we all owe it to you. Thank you for believing in this community and what it can achieve. 

Thank you to the amazing events team, spearheaded by Alysia Vigil, who worked diligently for months to pull everything together. As you can imagine it is an unbelievable amount of work requiring coordination between a hundred different people, and they did it all with grace and style. This event just keeps getting better every year, and it is due to the hours those guys put in after their "real" workdays were over. 

And, lastly, thank you to all of you who make this community so great. You could just feel the unbelievable energy in the room-- old friends reuniting, everyone swapping speculations about interest rates, industry veterans making introductions on behalf of students. Thank you for donating--we raised $5,000 on the night.

Donations will allow us to achieve all the initiatives that Allie introduced including our fellowship. They will also help us put on a great show again next year! And improve the website! And make BREAA a sustainable organization for years to come. It'd be so great to convene again next year and say we've been able to accomplish all this and more. Most people don't know this, but the cost of your ticket only covers the cost of the event, so please consider donating! Thank you!

Keep the Party Going - Friday October 27

The sun never sets on BREAA...

Join BREC at their Real Estate Summit next Friday, October 27th. BREAA members will get discounted tickets ($30) and can sign up here!

Thank You Again for an Incredible Gala Event!


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