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Our Mission

BREAA is the real estate alumni association of the University of California, Berkeley. We are committed to developing a diverse community of professionals that provides graduates and students with opportunities to serve, learn, connect, and innovate in the built environment.


Professional Network

BREAA is the organization dedicated to connecting talented UC Berkeley alumni working in the real estate industry. Our goal is to expand the strength of the UC Berkeley network in the Bay Area, nationally and beyond. As Cal alumni, we are proud of our Blue & Gold background and seek to connect with fellow alumni that have built successful and impactful careers. From an alumni membership directory, to exciting property tours, to engaging networking events, we seek to build a strong, enduring, and diverse professional network. Through a strong BREAA presence, we feel that members can band together to positively impact the real estate industry as a whole by encouraging diversity, serving with integrity, and demonstrating passion at our companies and throughout our larger networks.

Lifelong Learning

BREAA recognizes that the real estate industry is continually transforming. Our industry is influenced by changing economic cycles, political environments and wider cultural and technological currents. As professionals dedicated to serving in the industry, we all need to keep up with the current times. BREAA promotes lifelong learning through alumni-led panels, newsletters, and philanthropy. The deep knowledge base of BREAA members facilitates learning within the group through mentorship and networking opportunities. Furthermore, we have comprised an advisory board of UC Berkeley’s most experienced and prominent alumni that keeps our organization apprised of oncoming trends and policy changes that affect our industry.

Student Engagement
BREAA is dedicated to introducing students to the real estate industry and aiding students in navigating a potential career in real estate. We offer support and training to students, both qualitatively and quantitatively, to appropriately prepare them for launching a career in real estate. BREAA is committed to promoting diversity and inclusion within the industry which starts with the encouragement and support of a diverse background of real-estate focused students. Through an alumni mentorship program, student-alumni networking events, guest speaker series, case competition preparation, and practitioner content, we seek to expand students’ skill sets and help them build a professional network relevant to their intended career.

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