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Anti-Racism & Bias Resources

BREAA is committed to creating racial equity and justice in our real estate community and beyond, in part through providing equity-fluent professional development and conversation.

Some may not feel that they know enough, or have the right vocabulary or insights, to participate in discussions around racial issues. Unfortunately, far too many of us simply do not know as much as we should about our shared history of structural racial inequity and discrimination, particularly in areas that impact our professional roles in real estate - from discriminatory and racist urban planning history and land use policies to lending practices.  Educating ourselves is one small but critical step that we must all take in ensuring that the built environment is a place that enables all people to not just survive but thrive.

We have compiled a short list of resources so we can all listen, read, and learn about the social, political, and financial dynamics that have contributed to unequal cities and discrimination within the built environment and beyond.  We hope you will commit to digesting these materials and sharing them with others. 

We welcome all feedback on these resources and will recommend additional items as we learn of them.

Start here:

Read (Consider purchasing from Black-owned bookstores): 



Get Involved:

Other Resources: 

Many organizations have assembled collections of information on ways to learn, understand, and help right now.  Here are some that have been widely circulated: 

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